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Integrated microbial NGC platform

IMNGS is a platform that uniformly and systematically screens for, retrieves, processes, and analyses all available prokaryotic 16S rRNA gene amplicon datasets from public repositories and uses them to build sample-specific sequence databases and OTU-based profiles. The retrieved information can be used to address questions of relevance in microbial ecology, for example with respect to the occurrence of specific microorganisms in different ecosystems or to perform targeted diversity studies. IMNGS also offers a complete pipeline for de novo analysis of a user's own raw amplicon sequencing data generated using the Illumina technology.


Developed by: 
Ilias Lagkouvardos, Technical university of Munich (TUM)
Used data resources: 
SRA repository amplicon studies, user query 16S sequence, user raw amplicon sequences
Used in tools: 
Technology or platform: 
Django, Python, PostgreSQL